Set up your child for a life-long enjoyment of music! Laura teaches creative music & movement classes for families with children 0-6yrs. Using award-winning songbook & recordings by The Music Class,® these classes are fun for the whole family and provide a wonderful foundation for any course of music study to follow. 

FALL 2023: The Giraffe Collection
  10 classes start Sept. 16, 2023
  @ Pine Arts Collective, Petawawa

The Music Class® (0-4yrs with caregiver)*
* Children older than 4 & older siblings always welcome;
   check with Laura if you have any questions 

Choose 1 of the following class times (45mins):
  • Saturdays @10:00 FULL
  • Tuesdays @ 9:30
  • Tuesdays @11:00
The Music Class BIG KIDS® (5-7yrs with caregiver):
  • Sat @11:10am

Don't see the class/time you were hoping for? Let Laura know!

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Cost: $195 + $70/sibling over 6 months (siblings under 6 months free)
Includes songbook & digital music
Coffee/play time after class (Because we're about community, and coffee!) 

What parents are saying about Laura's classes...

"Music class quickly became the highlight of our week. Since he started the class, we’ve noticed that Theo has become really interested in music of all types. We now spend a lot of time drumming, listening to different kinds of music together, and of course, singing his favourite Music Class songs!" 

"Each week my child looked forward to music class, talking about it and singing the songs! He thoroughly enjoyed himself. This class was made for him!" 

"Owen loved the puppets... He has been exploring music by making his own improvised instruments and dances every time he hears music." 

"Music class is a fast-paced, fun environment to expose your child to music at an early age. You will be amazed at how fast they pick up the songs and start singing around the house!" 

"Laura is a wonderful music teacher. She has a natural way of introducing music to toddlers. But the surprise was how much Clara has learned over the past few months. She remembers rhythm and rhyme so naturally now. It was great fun to go every week."


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